Ending Services

We would like to thank you for being a loyal Red Oak Cart (ROC) customer over the years. All of us at ROC have enjoyed working with you to help you grow your business. Recently, we made the business decision to end our shopping cart and email services. These services will end on July 31st, 2021. 

This may come as a shock to you and we are very sorry for any pain that it may cause you. We have decided we need to focus on what we are best at and that as a core business – shopping cart and email services are not what we are best at providing.  

Here are other services that we would recommend to replace Red Oak Cart. 

WooCommerce is an excellent shopping cart system. You can integrate it with your PayPal account or with your Stripe account. 

MailChimp is a great bulk email provider. 

We know several of you appreciate our customer service and ability to answer questions. Some of the options we’re suggesting may not have that same level of customer service. What we recommend is that you look at fiverr.com – you can search for WooCommerce or MailChimp and find many people very familiar with these softwares that you can hire to help you transition your sites. We would recommend chatting with those people before you hire them so you make sure you are on the same page for what you want done. 

We know you will also have questions about getting your data from our servers. Several things you can export yourselves from the reports screen – we will also work to get you CSVs of the rest of your data so that you can import into whatever new systems you select.  

If you have questions please feel free to ask. Please understand if it takes us a little while to get back with you, as we may be overwhelmed with questions. We can tell you no data will be deleted until at least 1 month after we stop providing service to make sure you all have your data. 

Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you but we hope that you end up with an even better solution for yourself going forward. 


The entire Red Oak Cart team