Web Services

Looking For Help with Your Website and Online Marketing?

Red Oak Cart’s founders and staff have long been Internet Marketers. Now they have decided to offer their services that they have used to build their own companies to you to help you build your company too.

Whether you need help one time making a change to your website or want to have help on a regular basis we can help you. Our basic rate is $50 an hour and you can purchase them in 2 hour increments.

What we do in that hour is entirely up to you. Perhaps you need :

  • Changes to your WordPress site
  • Emails campaigns created and scheduled
  • Blog Posts created based upon your book or articles
  • A Facebook Fanpage created
  • Facebook posts scheduled into the future
  • Tweets scheduled
  • A launch plan designed and implemented
  • Many, many more online marketing ideas

Now, we are not experts on your specific product – just on marketing online. So, we will need information from you for all the content. We can help you find royalty free images to make your posts, pages, tweets and all marketing look more professional . We design all our work to be responsive so it will look good whether someone looks at it on a computer, tablet or phone.

So, if you need help with one or two small things you can just purchase a 2 hour block by clicking the button below.

Or, if you think you are going to need regular help month in and month out you can put us on retainer for a 2 hour block each month by clicking the button below:

After we talk, if your project will take more than 2 hours we will let you know before we start work so you can approve how much time will be needed on it.