Rev Up Your Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of your company. Getting your message in front of potential buyers is the goal of every business. Red Oak Cart has unparalleled features to allow you to manage your marketing messages, target them to the correct segmented group of potential buyers and deliver that message using the best medium available, whether it is online or offline. In essence, Red Oak Cart is built for marketing by marketers.
TNT Double Opt-In Optimizer
Developed by Red Oak Cart
Face it, even though you customer is expecting your message, they are busy and might miss it. Make sure you customer gets your opt in message by sending it to them up to 3 times on an automated schedule.

Coupon Codes – More than a Discount
Developed by Red Oak Cart
Everyone likes a deal. The secret is the deal doesn’t have to be money. Our coupons let you give a monetary discount and/or add additional bonus products during checkout. When linked with an affiliate, you can offer special bonuses just for that affiliate – imagine the possibilities for giveaways to encourage buying.
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Smart Lists
When a customer takes an action, you can change what list they are on. Moving a user from one list to another based on their actions is built into the system. You define the rules for when they move, where they move from and to, and the system will handle the rest for you. And since they are already subscribed, no more opt-ins are required.
Drip Marketing with Followups
Create a schedule to send your marketing pieces. Based on when a customer subscribes to your list, you can send them a defined schedule of marketing pieces. Create the schedule once and the system will take care of the details.
Mass Broadcasting
Inform everyone on your list of your message at the same time. Have something to tell all your customers at the same time? Broadcasts let you create messages easily and schedule the day and time for them to be sent.
No More Duplicate Messages
Do not send duplicate messages to the same user ever again. With our multi-send feature, you are guaranteed never to send the same message to the same contact again – even if they are on different lists. Protect your reputation, look more professional even when you have lots of lists and subscribers. We do the hard work of de-duplicating emails every time you send to your lists.
Get Your Email Delivered
We protect your reputation by taking care of the details. When sending emails, there are always a lot of technical details to get right. We do the heavy lifting for you to ensure your emails get to the Inbox.
Automated Smart Bounce Handling
Don’t worry about bounces anymore. The system automatically classifies all bounces and takes corrective action. The system can distinguish between hard bounces, soft bounces, vacation bounces, complaints, etc. You are free to concentrate on your marketing message and not the technical details of managing your list.

Marketing is a complex topic. There are as many methods and thoughts on the best approach as there are marketers. We provide a platform that allows you to get your message out there easily and in a trackable manner. The system supports online and offline marketing that you can drop out with followups or blast to the entire list with broadcasts. The combination of all the features is endless and provides a solid platform for you to build any marketing campaign on top of.

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