Manage Your Affiliates

Affiliates allow you to extend your sales reach – many times over. Getting your message in front of potential customers is the goal. How you manage your affiliates can have an impact on how well they promote your products. You want to give them as many avenues to sell as possible.
Take Your Affiliates Offline
Developed by Red Oak Cart
Utilize the coupon system to have your affiliates sell offline. Encouraging your affiliates to sell offline can increase the size of your potential customer pool. Imaging affiliates promoting your product on a postcard, an insert into another package, a shout out from a stage. This and more is easy to do with our coupon codes. When reclaimed, the coupon code can associate the affiliate with that sale. No more messy affiliate links or lost cookies.

Commission Plans However You Want
Developed by Red Oak Cart
Pay your affiliates a % of sales, a flat $ amount on all or specific products or any combination. Easy to define commission plans that allow you the flexibility to define how you pay your affiliates. You define what you pay (%,$), on what your pay (all products or specific, leads, clicks) and who you pay (multi-levels). And an affiliate can be assigned to more then one plan if you sell multiple products.
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Sign Up New Affiliates
Create affiliate signup forms in minutes. Using web forms, you can create signup forms that allow the affiliate to register and automatically be assigned to the affiliate program of your choice. This takes the hassle out of registering new affiliates. And this will subscribe them to an affiliate only list of your choice.
Define Affiliate Programs
You bring different commission plans and promotional tools together for a complete program. Create affiliate programs to sell to each of your niches. The program allows you to combine different components together and assign the program to an affiliate.
Affiliate Management Center
Give your affiliates access to your customized promotional material, their generated activity stats and commission data. Provide an interface for your affiliates to access their specific data when they want. The center provides a means for you to provide marketing messages targeted to your niche with their tracking information automatically included.
Special Affiliate Landing Pages
You can create individual affiliate landing pages that have embedded tracking codes – no more affiliate links. You can create tailored landing pages for your affiliates. When you do, you can include tracking codes in the page. This allows you to hand out those landing pages that can be changed anytime without having to hand out messy affiliate links. The special landing pages are human friendly and search engine friendly.

With the affiliate management capabilities you can compensate your affiliates in just about any way you can imagine. Through the Affiliate Management Center you can provide your affiliates customized to them promotional materials (banner images, emails, articles, pdfs, tweets, etc). Once you sign up a new affiliate, you can then take them offline and have them start promoting in new and creative ways. With the coupon code, they are not afraid of “losing” credit for a sale.

Signup Today! $3.95 for the 1st Month

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