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Red Oak Cart (ROC) is the next generation of marketing tools. It provides you with both a powerful shopping cart to process online orders AND a dependable email solution so you don’t have to pay for a separate shopping cart and email service. The platform allows you to manage your customer relationships to help you grow a more successful online business.  You easily communicate relevant messages using both online and offline methods.   A variety of communications is so important to build a successful online business. You can send emails or DiscDelivered CD/DVD print-on-demand self mailer on a customized drip schedule to your prospects and customers. Your affiliates can operate in the traditional online mode with affiliate links.  To grow beyond online affiliates, we have built an offline affiliate management center into the system.  Your world of potential affiliates has been greatly expanded with ROC. The features in ROC are developed 100% based on customer input.  Everything from affiliate coupons,  de-duplicating email addresses when emailing to multiple lists, TNT opt in optimizer have all been customer suggestions.  We are looking for marketers who understand the value of the existing features and are not shy about suggesting new ones.  Even a suggestion like a small user interface tweak is readily accepted. The basis of our success is working with our customers.  We don’t even like to think of you as a customer.  We like to work with partners.  There are a lot of exciting business models and processes out there.  We like to dialog with our partners about there processes and figure out ways to incorporate your ideas into the platform to make it better for everyone.
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