Coupons are a Cool Underutilized Feature of Your Shopping Cart…

Most people think that coupons are just for giving discounts. I admit that is a great use for coupons and still probably the primary use for them. With a coupon you can discount a dollar amount or a percentage off a specific product or off an entire order. The best part is you can set a start and stop date, which will allow you to use that in your promotions and gives you a way to add a sense of urgency to the sales.

Add a Free Bonus?

I love using coupons to give a Free Bonus product away when they buy something else. I find this especially useful when I am promoting. If I am talking on a radio show or at a live event I can say use this coupon code to get an hour free consulting with me when you sign up.

Or perhaps I give away an older product that I used to sell as a free bonus. What I love is that when they enter the coupon code it will actually add another product at 0.00 into the cart. So I can have special text in that product describing their free bonus.

I even use this approach when I am marketing online – you can add the coupon code to an image or even in a video. The best part is using different coupon codes on different campaigns can really give you an idea of how the campaigns are doing.

Coupons to Track Affiliates?

I also love to be able to set up coupons for specific affiliates or super affiliates. This is great because it eliminates the long weird looking links that affiliates give out. The drawback, of course, is that you don’t know how much traffic the affiliate is driving. I think this is overpowered by the fact that your affiliate can demonstrate the special relationship you all have with a coupon code giving a discount or giving some special bonus product.

So whether you use coupons for discounts, to produce urgency, free bonuses or to help your affiliates the most important thing as always is to do something. I think that once you start using coupons you will be sold on them too and find that they really help you to increase your sales and track your online and offline promotions better.