How to Start Selling Online

The quickest way to start selling online is to create a digital product and list it on a site that already can process sales and has traffic coming to it.

One of the fastest websites to put this on is You can create an ebook or even better record and audio version and list it on Amazon.

If this is your first product ever or if you are just creating lead products for your main industry here is the approach I would take.

1. Decide what subject area you want to create your product in and search for all the books, audios and other products on this subject on Amazon already.

2. Read all the comments and/or questions people have about it on the best selling products.

3. Write an ebook about those common questions and comments that users were most interested in.

4. List the ebook on Amazon for sale.

5. Buy your competitor’s products to get ideas about improving your book (buy via Amazon).

6. Write a review of their product and reference other material you bought and liked too including your book. – be honest and fair and not negative about their product.

7. Repeat – Repeat – Repeat
Later on I would recommend getting your own shopping cart and we will discuss all about that in this site in the coming days, weeks and months. In case you are curious we do sell products from our web sites too and we use as our preferred shopping cart.