My Experience with Red Oak Cart has been Fantastic

Rhea Perry“My experience with Red Oak Cart has been fantastic

This is Rhea Perry from and I’ve been doing business online since 2002.  During that time I’ve worked with a lot of different carts and email programs.

If you’re looking for a shopping cart that also allows you to manage your mailing program, then take it from this non-technical person that Red Oak Cart is for you.

It has great tech support and every time we’ve had a question we’ve been able to call and someone immediately gets back with us.  And it’s also affordable.”

Rhea Perry

Thanks to Rhea for her generous comments and for allowing us to share them with others. If you’re looking for an ecommerce platform that also incorporates your email functionality (so you don’t have to pay separately for two systems) then check out Red Oak Cart. For more information be sure to visit

Red Oak Cart has been our backend system for over 10 years now and we’ve only recently been making it available to the clients of Speaker Fulfillment Services. But when we couldn’t get our existing carts to provide the solution we needed as information marketers ourselves we had to develop our own solution.