Dave Klaus Shares His Thoughts on Red Oak Cart

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Thoughts on Red Oak Cart

Howdy fellow business owner, my name is Dave Klaus and I’m a serial entrepreneur.  Since my companies started selling on the Internet back in 1994 we’ve used seven different shopping cart systems and I’m speaking to you today because we’ve found and are now using the only shopping cart we’ll need from now on.

Red Oak Cart is rock solid, unlike most of the other cart systems we’ve used which were famous for going down just as we started a new promotion.  As a fellow business owner you understand how crucial that dependability is.

Now we don’t have time for me to tell you about all the attributes that make Red Oak Cart far superior to all the other shopping cart systems out there so let me mention just a couple.

First, we don’t need to pay for a separate broadcast email and autoresponder program like aWeber or Constant Contact or iContact. Yes, we’ve used those fine systems but Red Oak Cart already includes all the broadcast and autoresponder functions a company needs.

More important, Red Oak Cart gives you the crucial functionality found in much more expensive CRM, that’s Customer Relations Management software and we’ve used several of the more expensive systems and, not only is Red Oak Cart much easier to use, it’s a far better value for the money.

So, yes I’m a big fan of Red Oak Cart and you won’t go wrong when you sign up now.  I’m Dave Klaus and I wish you great profits.