How to Create Your First Product or a Lead Product…

How to create your first product or a lead product.

Now that you are ready to sell online you need to have a product to sell. There are several ways you can make that product. Here is a simple and inexpensive way to make your first product to get you started. (This is also a great way to make additional lead generation products in the future).

Side Note: A Lead Generation product is a product that you may sell on your website but you will certainly sell different lead generation products on other websites already getting a lot of traffic – Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank, etc.

Now to quick and easy product creation. First I am going to teach you the Top 10 approach to product creation that can be used with a lot of different formats. Then I am going to teach you my 2 preferred options for format of this product (1 digital and 1 physical but both easy and inexpensive to do)

Top 10 Approach to Product Creation

Start by deciding what your top is going to be about or what subject you want to focus on. I do like to get an idea of more popular keywords to help me focus on my topics and sub topics.

Write down different headlines or titles for you topic. I recommend writing at least 100 different headlines. I know this sounds like a lot and it is the hardest part. But this will pay dividends – by writing so many different titles you will achieve 2 things. First you will end up with a much stronger title which will help you to sell. Secondly you will have a wealth of potential sub-titles to use through out your product.

Easy Button – if you are having trouble with titles you can always invest in a book like I did called 2001 Greatest Headlines Ever Written.

This book gives great headlines that you can then plug and play your topics into those headlines and see what works well for you. If you do this you should still write them down it will help your creative juices to flow.

Next take the topic you have decided upon and write down all the different things someone needs to know about it – bullet point style. Write down anything and everything you can think that would be relevant.

Next order these things most important first – ideally you will have at least 10 different bullet points.

Now you are going to start creating content about each of these bullet points. I prefer to do this verbally and then write it down. I take the traditional approach of – Tell them what I am going to teach – Teach them – Tell them what I taught them. This actually does 2 things – it will expand out your product and it will be a better teaching technique.

Now you have filled out on all of your bullet points – I recommend talking about a bullet point for 4-7 minutes or 3-5 pages of content. You will find this is not that hard to do since you are so familiar with the topic.

Now you can create your Introduction and Conclusion to piece all of your bullet point articles or chapters together.

It is really that simple.

Option 1 – Digital Ebook

With this option you simple put can type up all of these in a document and the easiest thing to do is to PDF them. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat you can get Open Office for free and it should allow you to PDF for free.

Option 2 – Physical Audio Book

With this approach you actually don’t type anything instead you actually record the audio of everything in the Top 10 approach. You can either use your audio microphone with your laptop or you can invest a little money in a nicer microphone – I use Audio Technica AT2020 USB Microphone. You can search on Amazon for a good USB mic and read the different review – there really are several great inexpensive options to choose from.

Then you can take all of these records and put them onto a CD. I found that I like Disc Delivered for this – it is print on demand so I can do just 1 and the packaging looks great for an inexpensive product I am selling on Amazon. I can list it as 19.95 no problem on the site.