Camel Casing – Ever Hear of It?

Camel casing

Have you ever heard or camel casing? Ever found yourself driving down the road and see the service vehicle for some local business? They usually list the company name, maybe with a logo, then typically a phone number and a website URL.

Ever notice how many times you see a website URL that’s listed like this?:

Pert near impossible to read, isn’t it?

That’s why all domain names that are multiple word domains need to use the concept of Camel Casing to improve the readability of the domain. So, instead of the impossible to read domain above it would be:

Simply capitalize the first letter of all the major words and the URL is much more readable. This also applies to anywhere you list a domain such as:

  •  Billboards
  • Business Cards
  • Sales Literature
  • Trade Show Booths/Signage

Sometimes you have just a few seconds to catch a prospect’s attention and if their mind can’t discern your URL easily then you may well have lost them.

Just make sure your domain name isn’t case sensitive and you’ll be good to go.